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next neighbor of ours on Appletree street, gave his

wife a canary bird for a birthday present last month. It was just a nice mild singing canary, but Ab. bought

a bird cage for it that was out of sight. The only fault to be found, if any, was that the wires was gilt instead of being silvered. Well, nobody would have thought that bird could have made trouble with the insurance

trust. Last week Ab.'s dwelling policy was renewed by Bill Thompson, the agent of the trust, who owes

Mr. Walker money and who was therefore compelled to trade it out. It was sent back from the stamping office

next clay by the limber little squirt that runs it. with this indorsement on it:


Frame dwelling house, No. 4066 .-Ippletrec SI.

Referring to your policy No. 1,S63,745, we note that you are covering canary bird cage under item of house-hold furniture. This risk is rated for strictly nonhazardous purposes, viz.: Dwelling exclusively. Inasmuch as you are covering bird cage under your form, we infer that your assured has birds and consequently seed for same. Now if you will kindly look on pages 197 and 206 of the General Tariff of August 15, 1895, you will note that the storage of bird seed is hazardous and will necessarily call for a higher rate. It must be borne in mind that nearly all seed, linseed, cotton seed, hay seed, and bird seed, are more or less impregnated with oil, and are subject to spontaneous combustion when either heated or brought in contact with fibrous sub-stances. This risk should now class with the wholesale drug stores, and should rate not less than 3;4 per cent.

Our books show that this policy passed in 1891 at S5

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