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cents, and you have charged the same rate now when bird seed is stored.

It will be necessary for you to advance the rate on account of increase in hazard. Please also remove the fiy speck from the upper right hand corner of D-R, as it is apt to become confused with the clot over the ` i in the sauce location. We will have the risk re-rated at once on account of change in hazard.

The thing we advised Al). to do was to apply for insurance on the cage separate as an `iron prison, together with food supplies for prisoners contained therein.' There's trust companies fools 'enough to take it, and the rate is only 92 cents.


IT looks like with the CLARION telling Piney \Vooders the cold facts about insurance week in and week out, they ought to have some sense about it by this time. But every now and then somebody gets their hands burnt trusting to the honesty and liberality (?) of the old-line companies in the trust, that don't want anybody to make anything out of insurance but themselves. Three weeks ago Berry Bros. had a fire in some old rags and dirt that they had shoveled under the staircase and covered with boxes against an inspection by a meddling special agent. After the inspection they forgot and left the truck there and after about three dozen segar stumps had been thrown into it one of them had to go and set it afire of course. Well it burnt a pretty good size

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