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hole in the staircase and singed some blankets, but Ed Wilding, the accomplished corset and ladies' hosiery clerk, put it out with three buckets of water and kicking down the stair banisters, which was rickety at best. The burnt loss was about $35, but Berry Bros. employed Col. Bowie, the eminent insurance attorney and free-silver advocate, to advise them. They had been paying premiums at $3.25 a hundred for years without having any fire or drawback and they thought in justice they was entitled to a good claim for their fire, especially as they had $1,300 about falling due in bank, and no money to meet it with, owing to the demonetization of silver by the John Sherman conspirators of 1872. Col. Bowie is great-on law, but his insurance facts is not always of the best and he came to us as an expert to know how a $35losscould be built into a claim covering a 1, 300 note in bank and his fees, making, say, $1,450 in all. We walked down to Berry Bros. with him, went into the store, took a sniff, held our nose and says, " Sboke dabbage!"

" What the h-- is `sboke dabbage?"' says Col. Bowie.

We pulled hint out in the back yard. let go our nose. took a deep insufflation of God's pure atmosphere, filled with the health-giving aromatics of our own beloved pine lands and says:

"Smoke damage ! Don't you smell the smoke in all those dry goods and clothing?"

Col. Bowie whistled a few lines of The Sword of Lee" softly to himself and then says to us: "•I can drive a team of elephants through them companies on that."

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