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tree and pump cyclones of fresh air on it for a few months, it might weaken it some. Or you could squirt ammonia on it or kill it with musk. I should say that cloak was worth about io per cent of its value."

Rawson Berry looked so happy that Ben saw he had hit black, and Rawson and young goggles walked out without a word. When they got back to the store the other adjuster was waiting with a couple of woolen blankets under his arm and he complimented Rawson on the landscape from the back yard where he had been looking around.

"It's against us," says young goggles to his partner.

All right," says the partner, " lets go down and get him to smell the blankets too," and they went.

Ben \Vinfrce smelt the blankets and looked like he was turned sick.

"I never before smelt blankets so strong of smoke in all my life," he says ; " why Rawson Berry, you'll have to give them blankets away—you'll never sell 'em."

\Vhat do you think of that, now?" 'asked Mr. Berry, of the partner adjuster.

"Well, I think its funny," he says back, "seeing that I took these blankets out of that box in your back yard that just got here by fast freight this morning and and has never been in the store. I prized the top off and took 'em out whilst I was waiting. Maybe this peculiar smoke smell is common to this climate."

The claim was settled for $15o, of which Col. Bowie got a moderate fee. And yet Berry Bros. continues with the trust, the only excuse being that they was at least sure of getting paid for what loss they actually sustained. They take no account of the profit that ought by rights to come to everybody touching insurance.

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