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on the policy, and the company shall retain a sufficient amount to pay them from the insurance money. If such loans be paid before the death of the issuer, the acquittance shall lie filed with the company.

  1. Policies effected or appropriated for the benefit of a wife and child or children, or of a child or children only, or of a wife only, shall be exempt from attachment for debts due either by the insured or by the persons benefited, and shall be assignable by any of such parties save during minority and the insurance money, while in the hands of the company, shall be free from and be unattachable for the debts either of the insured or of the person or persons benefited, and shall be paid according to the terms of such policies, or of any declaration of appropriation, or of any revocation relating to the same. Such exception shall not apply to any policy or to any share or shares of a policy, which may have reverted to and been held by the insured.

  2. The insurance money shall not be deemed to form part of the ordinary estate of the person whose life was insured, and its receipt by any person benefited shall not render him responsible for the liabilities of the estate of such person.

  3. Nothing contained in this Act shall be held or construed to restrict or interfere with any right otherwise allowed by law to any person to effect or transfer a policy for the benefit of a wife or children, nor shall apply to insurance made in favour of, or transferred to, any wife under her marriage agreement.



An Act Respecting Married Women.

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows :

1. This Act may be cited as " The Married Women's Act."


2:3. A married woman may effect an insurance on her own life or, with his consent, on that o f her husband, for the term of her or his natural life or for any less period, for the benefit of her heirs or herself, or for such uses and subject to such trusts as she may, at any time declare in writing respecting the same, without any assent or concurrence of her husband, except as aforesaid, as if she were a flow sole and unmarried.

24. Any married woman may become a stockholder or member of any bank or insurance company or of any other incorporated company or association, as fully and effectually as if she were a fence sole, and may vote by proxy or otherwise, and enjoy the like rights as other stockholders or members.


26. -Nothing hereinbefore contained, in reference to moneys deposited, or investments made, by any married woman, shall, as against creditors of the husband, give validity to any deposit or investment of moneys of the husband made in fraud of such creditors, and any moneys so deposited or invested may he followed as if this Act had not been passed.


Being Chapter 13 of the Acts of the Legislative Assembly of the province of Manitoba, 1894, assented to 2nd March, 1894. As amended by 58 Victoria, chapter 21 and 22, and 60 Victoria, chapter 10.


Section 2. Where the words following occur in this Act they shall be construed in the manner hereinafter mentioned, unless a contrary intention appears.

  1. "Province" and "Legislature" mean respectively the province and the legislature of Manitoba.

  2. " Treasurer" means the treasurer of the province or any member of the Executive Council,

to whom from time to time may he transferred, either for a limited period, or otherwise, the powers

and duties which are by this Act assigned to the treasurer.

(e) " Company " means and includes any corporation, or any society or association, incorporated or unincorporated, or any partnership or any underwriter, except as prow ided by section 3, that undertakes or effects for valuable consideration, or agrees or offers so to undertake or effect, in the province, any contract of indemnity, guarantee, suretyship, insurance, endowment, tontine, or annuity on life, or any like contract which accrues payable on or after the occurrence of some contingent event.

  1. The expression " offer to undertake any contract," shall include the setting up of a sign or inscription containing the name of the company ; or the distribution or publication of any proposal, circular, card, advertisement, printed form, or like document in the name of the company, or any written or oral solicitation in the company's behalf.

  2. " Contract" means and includes any contract or agreement, sealed, written or oral, the subject-matter of which is within the intent of paragraph " e " hereof.

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